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Pop2Punk Show by requests from 4th April
April 14, 2011 10:49 AM PDT

Enjoy the showsmiley
This is the show uploaded by request of local listener Charles Todd and another local woman that is also interest, Amanda
This is the first official Pop2Punk Show with the feature on The adventures of Loki

Music World Radio 100% listener top 20 chart from April 8th
April 09, 2011 07:09 AM PDT

1. Menowin Fröhlich- Bevor Du Etwas Tust (Germany)
2. Rudy Jr & The Lovepirates - Stupid Chick Opus8 (Denmark)
3. Maini Sorri - Someday (Sweden)
4. BlackDogHat - Sunday Papers (UK)
5. Clockwise - You Are A Star (Canada)
6. Black Shampoo - Online Gamer (UK)
7. Red Savannah - Mirror Mirror (Canada)
8. Noctivagus - Pilgrim Dimension (Portugal)
9. After The Pageant - Pain of Reason (MWR exclusive mix)
10. RedLizzard - She Wants To Be Free (Portugal)
11. The Shambolic - Death Of Me (UK)
12. Slim Fit Gym Kit - Beau Ideal (UK)
13. Tommy Disfiger vs Rusty Bullethole - Little Things (UK)
14. Snorkel Quintet - Je 00 (Spain)
15. Sarah Mason - Addicted To You (UK) New New
16. Sarah Kreuz - Warwick Avenue (Germany)
17. RPB Band - The Storm (USA) Visit
18. Hangman's Prayer - Mindbomb (Denmark)
19. House of Daggers - In This Light I Look Like Simon LeBon (Canada/UK) New New
20. I Will Furnish Your Sunday Mornings - Dry Run Of Death (Denmark)

This Weeks Bubbly Upcomers
Hadrian's Union - Nice to meet you Mr Bennett (U.S)
Keith Fellows - Gotta Get A Friend ( -
Davis Peel and The Lower East Side - I Like Marijuana -
The Damzells - Blue Tears Black Heart (UK)
The Dust- K.O. (US)
Susanna Westwood - Live like This (UK)
Artomik and Heitor - The Right Thing (Brazil)
Kramies - Sonar Pulse (USA) Visit
Scarlett Pomers - Insane (USA) Visit
E-Pak-Sa - Bonus Track 5 (Republic of Korea) Visit
Illicit Disco -Cipher (UK) Visit
MC NxtGen -Andrew Lansley Rap (UK) Visit
Rawcuss -TV Fantasies (UK) Visit
Baby Scream feat. Eric Dover -The Ghost Of Valerie (Argentina) Visit
The Morning Orchestra -Cry (UK) Visit
Mick Harvey -October Boy (Australia) Visit
Josh T Pearson feat Warren Ellis -Woman, When I've Raised Hell (Alternative Version) (USA) Visit
Vestkraft -Drømmedykker (Denmark) Visit

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